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February 6, 2011
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Warrior Cats by CaitlinSharke Warrior Cats by CaitlinSharke
Yes yes I knoooooooooow I used a lineart.
I got lazy D|
But what definitely makes up for it is the fact that this was not easy to fill out on seashore. :I
That definitely makes up for it......
Maybe two or three of you remember these guys. They were from my old old old old Warrior Cats Story on my first account. You 'member, 'member? You 'member. (it doesn't matter if you member actually cuz I'm uploading all shitty nine pages of it 8D because I can.)

Well, they've all gone through a little change, but not much. The biggest is Wildjay, who used to be Wildfur and had purple spots. Raccoonkit used to be Tigerkit, but I doubt warrior cats (minus the possibility of kittypets) even know what a tiger is. So he got rid of his strips for his mother's spots and got a raccoon mask and some spot-stripes (They're supposed to be spots that go around his tail, but don't fully join. |D;;; I fail, yes) on his tail. Deerkit went through just a little change in design, mainly her white ear and the spot on her eye. The only thing that changed about Nightmask is he used to be Starmask.

EDIT Deerkit is now Fawnkit and Nightmask is now Nightstar

Name; Nightstar
Gender; Tom
Clan; ValleyClan ; Warrior
History; Nightmask was once a warrior of Shadowclan, but he met Wildjay (when she was Wildpaw) and fell in love with her. They ended up becoming mates and they were forced out of their clans for mating with cats of a different clan. They then joined Fallsclan, but Nightmask felt that they weren't using as much power as they could. There were so many ways the clan could be improved. He tried to tell the leaders, but they didn't listen. So he took Wildjay, their kits, and some other warriors and made his own clan in the Valley and became Nightstar.
Personality; He's stubborn and seems to be cold, but he can be very kind if you get to know him. He is caring and loving toward his mate and kits and will do anything for them but he can also be strict and knows he has to put the whole of the clan over his family.
Appearance; A black tom with white paws and forepaws. He he has a white 'mask' on his face that resembles the flecks of white on the silverpelt. He has blue eyes.
Siblings; None
Mate; Wildjay
Kits; Two; Fawnkit and Raccoonkit

Name; Wildjay
Gender; She Cat
Clan; ValleyClan ; Warrior
History; Wildjay was once a warrior of Thunderclan, but he met Nightstar (when he was Nightmask) and fell in love with him. They ended up becoming mates and they were forced out of their clans for mating with cats of a different clan. They then joined Fallsclan, but she knew Nightmask was disliking it. She didn't want to be taken from a new home and uproot her kits, but she knew he was too stubborn to listen. He made his own clan and, though she disliked it, she loyally went with him and became a warrior.
Personality; Very stubborn and loud. She often gets into fights, usually about her being half blind. She hates losing and can be a bit cranky. She'll even get into fights with Nightstar, but they both know they love each other and their fights never last long. When she's not in a fight, she can come off as distant and cold. But she's actually very kind, and loving towards her mate and kits.
Appearance; A blonde cat with a very slight greenish tint to her. She has darker spots all over her body and one big spot around her hazel eye. She is blind in her right eye, which appears gray.
Siblings; None
Mate; Nightmask
Kits; Two; Fawnkit and Raccoonkit

Name; Fawnkit
Gender; She Cat
Clan; ValleyClan ; Kit
History; She was born 8D
Personality; She's a very sweet and kind cat who dislikes battling. She wants to be a medicine cat and help people. Her mother disapproves, because it means she can't get a mate, but she doesn't mind. She doesn't think she'll ever find her mate anyway.
Appearance; She is a black cat with a white spot on her eye like her mother and white legs. She also has one white ear and white spots on her back, giving her the name Fawnkit. she has her mother's hazel eyes.
Siblings; One; Raccoonkit
Mate; None
Kits; None

Name; Raccoonkit
Gender; Tom
Clan; ValleyClan ; Kit
History; He was born 8D
Personality; He's silent and distant, taking after her mother in battle. He is fierce and fast, he doesn't give mercy. He doesn't smile much and doesn't like talking. He enjoys staying alone.
Appearance; He has a pelt like his mother. His forepaws are darker and he has a raccoon like mask from his father. He has spots on his tail that go around, but not fully, also reminding people of a raccoon. He has blue eyes.
Siblings; One; Fawnkit
Mate; None
Kits; None

History and stuff to come..the kits don't have histories though...

For #Clans-Of-The-Falls
Lineart by ~Aerius-the-Aireon
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